Clash of Dreams APK Download – Coc Private Server [Updated 2019]

Clash of dreams

Clash of dreams – We all know that clash of clans is a game that has millions of fans around the world. This is the only game that gives you different styles and servers that keep the handheld users busy for long time. If you are one of those COC nerds then there is fantastic news coming your way which you will appreciate so much.

There are many games you can play in your free time but not as addicted as clash of clans because it provides you unlimited sources including Gems, gold, elixir, money, darker elixir, and much more. It is known to be the best strategy game that can help you to improve strategic skills.

Millions of users love this game and always searching for new servers to stay in the competition and build their own personal clan. However during recent update a new expansion just arrived that will give you lots of freedom to enjoy the game.

This mod is called clash of dreams another successful private server which is considered stable and gives you newly upgraded resources.

Having said this we have now below listed some real facts about clash of dreams 2019 to help you understand what exactly it is, what magnificent features of it, how you can install it, What makes it best strategy Mod game in the series and why you should choose this in the first place.

What exactly is clash of dreams server?

For those of you who don’t know that clash of dreams is a server developed for COC (clash of clans) game and based on same functionality it allows you to have more powerful weapons, upgrade system and resources compare to basic game.

I mean who does not want to have fun without taking the long route and still unable to compete with friends. With this private server downloaded in your device you can hack into anything and get the convenience of utilizing all kinds of artillery without paying a single penny, sound cool isn’t it folks.

Clash of dreams APK features you should know:

There are plenty of features that will attract you to play the game, because this Mod has its own specialty and versatility to give players great time. It is completely different and unique experience for users but still you will get addicted to it. Let’s check out the list of features such as,

  • Everything is totally free
  • Unlimited resources
  • Fast and stable servers
  • Multiplayer option
  • All new game experience
  • More fun and worry free game
  • Good availability
  • Allow players to implement new kind of strategy
  • No need to root

What about the file size of COD server?

You don’t need to worry about that, it is very easy to install the game but first you should learn about the size and compatibility of the game to checkout whether or not it will run smoothly into your device including,

  • File size: 85 MB
  • Compatible device Android 14 or above

How you can install clash of dreams APK?

When you download the game then there are few easy steps you need to follow to complete the procedure and this will give you hassle free installation process. Just try to follow each step accordingly.

  • First you need to uninstall the older version of clash of clans
  • Now go to your phone settings and look for security setting
  • Enable unknown sources option
  • After that download the clash of dream Mod APK version
  • Make sure you have 400 MB free space
  • When download is complete open the folder
  • And click on install button, it will take few seconds to intall
  • When done open the game and start playing it
Clash of dreams download

For IOS installation process is direct.we have uploaded IPA file below just download it and enjoy.

Clash of dreams download for ios

Is there anything special about this new COC Mod?

The game is quite different but based on same function. When you get unlimited resources you can build big army and war basse which could be hard to break. It means you will get an advantage using this server and upgrade troop with much more stuff free of cost.

Also this private server is one of the stable ones which has been 100% tested and launched to any Android and IOS device for free. You will need Wi-Fi connection to install the game and make sure your handheld device is up to date with latest version.

What makes it best strategy Mod game in the series?

Clash of clans is all time favorite strategy based game and most players thrive to have the best army and war troops. The reason this private server is created is to make the game easy for each and every person so they don’t need to struggle too much.

Here the main limitation is lift off for the users to solve the money gaining problems and give best gaming experience. If you are okay to spend more quality time in this free APK version then don’t need to play any other Mod expansion of it.

It is built for the fan of series and will give you one of the most enjoyable you can expect from it with lots of freedom.

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Why you should choose this in the first place?

Clash of dreams is improved and better version of Clash of clans because it does so much perfectly from its predecessors. You can play it with friends and family anytime, anywhere. The main purpose of this server is to give player more stability and enhancement in the game to enjoy for long time.

Users score: 4.7/5

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