Clash of Lights S1 APK Download [Updated 2020]

It looks like are you searching for the number one combat strategy in the Clash of clans. We all know that it is a game that has taken people by storm and most of the players are looking for the right way to play it. So why not use Clash of lights s1 which will give you combat strategy in the game and with it you can quickly build villages and towns from scratch. With this, you can utilize all the available resources and create the environments for the villagers to live. Moreover, you can also train and develop your army to fight with enemies on battles when they attack your territory.

You will see that once you use the Clash of lights all the personal servers, they will offer fantastic items for unlimited money, gems, dark Elixir, and many more, as we all know the game is highly challenging and addictive to play. It is compatible with All Android devices and IOS phones. You can directly download it and install it.

Clash of lights s1

Now some people have their doubts and curious about what exactly are COC private servers and what sort of benefits you will get from them. If you are a new player or have little experienced in the clash of clans these private servers are mostly used for the online ways to give you unlimited access to numerous items which you have to earn in the original game that can take a lot of time. It is the most significant issue many players were having by starting the new game all the time and can’t even save progress.

For this particular reason, we have below listed some real facts about Clash of lights s1 APK to help you understand what exactly is Clash of lights s1, what are its key features, how you can install it, and why you need to use it in the first place.

What exactly is Clash of lights s1?

The first server one we are talking about is FHX server, which is one of the best COC private servers and works definitely. It is flawless and can work with IOS and Android as well without rooting your phones. All you need is just to download the APK file of it and enjoy endless gaming without having any trouble.

It is a server that gives you quite the head start when you are stuck in any battle or can’t find anything particular to overcome your enemies. You have to play smart and think the right strategy which this server can play a significant part to help you.

What are its key features of Clash of lights s1?

There are many features that you will get to see in this private COC server. But here are few which you might need to use or take full advantage and to be sure you know them accurately.

  • There is no end what FHX server offers you
  • You can quickly generate more than 1,000,000,000,000 gems, gold, and Elixir with this money for free
  • You can also buy troops as much as you want, from Giants, Wall Breakers, and Goblins.
  • Upgrade your arsenal from anything in seconds
  • With this server, you can unlock new dragon tower, archer tower, which tower, and barbarian tower
  • Build your own robust and mighty army with more than 600 slots in camps
  • You can quickly unlock all the decorations and traps
  • Its features do not end here you have to play and discover all over the different islands

How much space is required to install it on your phones?

Whether you are installing this server or clash of lights s2 APK, they all work the same, but the only difference is their file size which you need to see and then install carefully. Here is the exact space requirement for COC s1 such as,

  • File Size: 85.4 MB
  • Compatible with the entire Android version of 4.0

How can you install it Clash of lights s1:

The procedure to install Clash of lights s1 is straightforward, all you need is to follow the right instructions including,

  • First, you need to download the Clash of lights s1 APK file into your device
  • Now uninstall the original clash of clan game from your phones
  • Open the file from an accessible location and click on it
  • A pop-up box will appear, and it will ask you to grant Right permission.
  • Click on accept button and install
  • You’ve done and enjoy

Why do you need to use it in the first place?

Clash of lights s1 is undoubted of the best and most used private servers that players need to use. It can make all your hard times so far easy, and you no longer have to wait for fight thousands of battles and still got nothing. You and your friends can enjoy tons of content once you install it and see the real difference.

It is one of those three private servers that will ultimately give head start and advantage to have fun with the most prominent online android game in the world. All you need is to focus on the right track and play without rooting your phones all the time.

Conclusion about Clash of lights s1 APK:

The final words about COC s1 are that you no longer need to buy it from any play store instead use it free of cost. Also, you don’t need to worry about the latest updates about COC, it comes with all fixed bugs, and you can enjoy with all your friends anytime you like.

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