Clash of Magic Download For Android – Unlimited Gems, Elixir and Gold

Clash of Magic Download For Android:

It looks like the COC fever has taken many people by storm and so there are many ways players can explore more and appropriate things in the game. You may have played the past servers called clash of lights which end up being giving you so much edge in the beginning. So why not try a new one instead. There is a whole new path coming your way that offers this board game a great advantage to take control all the monsters, skills, and abilities.

For many players they seems that it will be complicated but that is not true at all, after spending some rounds online you will understand how to arrange the cards and divide them to choose better. This one is worth checking out to destroy your opponent’s strategy and come up of you own.

Having said this below we have listed some real facts about Clash of magic for android to help you understand what exactly it is, what type of features you will get from it, how much space it requires to install on your phones android and how much it will be worth to satisfy your gaming experience.

What exactly is clash of magic?

Clash of magic download for android Latest version

For those of you, who have no idea about what this new server means, then allow me to elaborate it for you guys. Clash of magic is a custom server network that was released back in 2016 and has now become most used server networks. It has mainly 4 servers and each one has its own unique opportunities they offer players.

You can play COC with Mod’s and without Mod’s with great hosting speed that ensures you have the best experience without having any crashes or bug errors. The server is so much awesome that it will allow you to explore more stuff.

What type of features you will get from it?

When you have installed this lash of magic server then you will get amazing features to get your hands. It is perfect for those players who were struggling in online or unable to make their own clans.

  • Unlimited, gems, gold, elixir, dark elixir and coins
  • Perfect speed
  • Sustain IP address
  • No Root required
  • Compatible running with all handheld devices
  • Get custom Mod’s to built your base
  • Get 24/7 stability
  • Automatic updates

How much space requires installing Clash of magic for android?

It is very important to know the space requirements to install this sever on your android. You will see that you no longer need to do anything special to run it. It works simple, just install and run and take out all those players who made you look like tiny piece in the game.

A) Size: 5.7 MB

B) File Type: APK

C) Works with IOS, Androids, and PC

D) Compatible with android version 4.0 or above

Which are the main servers we are talking about?

Clash of magic is mainly depending on 4 unique servers that offer you various things to take advantage and become quite persistent to play. With these servers you can make among the best rankings of the COC and also helps you come up with your own strategy as well. Here are the names which are listed below you might want to check them out immediately.

1) Clash of magic s1

2) Clash of magic s2

3) Clash of magic s3

4) Clash of magic s4

These are the four main servers that run on clash of magic and once you use any one of them you will see their true meaning.

How much it will be worth to satisfy your gaming experience?

Clash of magic is something that can give players and early advantage of restricting their base to evolve army of troops, unlock weapons, purchase Nemours items and so much more. No matter if you are a new comer or just happen to struggling this one will make your android a true gaming experience you have never seen.

Conclusion about clash of magic download for android : 

So what are you waiting for guys, go for it, you will see that your time will worth it and feel happy to play with master elite players of COC.

Clash of magic download for android

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