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Clash of Souls – Sometimes playing same game for months makes us lose of interest due to the long update time and cost of item. If you are familiar with clash of clan game then you know that we all strive to get valuable resources to keep safe our kingdom from those pesky enemies. Thanks to this game there are millions of users around the world playing it still now.

If you are looking for new and awesome private server related to COC then you are have to right place folks. Clash of souls brought everything new and stability to make your experience engaging and super fun.

No game can beat the popularity of the clash of clans this is the company has introduced several new private servers each with their own unique benefits to give players some fresh content and keeps coming back for more in every way possible.

Below we have listed some real facts about clash of souls APK to help you understand what exactly it is, what type of amazing features you will get to see, how you can install it on your devices, how many servers we are talking about, and why you should download it right away.

What exactly is clash of souls APK?

For those of you who don’t know that clash of souls also known as dark soul clash server is a MOD private server made on same based engine of COC. The only difference is that you will get unlimited resources at the start of game with custom built building.

As of this moment clash of souls 2019 is one of the most trending and famous private servers. It will provide you complete new version of COC with newly updates APK version with town hall level of 13. This new town will give you access to thousands of weapons, army, costumes, artillery, and many more.

Amazing features of clash of souls Apk:

There are more than 60 incredible things you will get the chance to do it this latest MOD private version along with new game play tricks to keep you busy and never get bored. Let’s take a look at the list of features you will see including,

  • Available for all android devices
  • Easy to install game
  • Customize troops and characters
  • No need to root the phone
  • Get stable game updates on regular basis
  • High end servers make sure COS runs smoothly
  • The game can handle multiple users at a time
  • Unlimited resources from gold, gems, elixir, dark elixirs, and gems
  • Fast and secure serer
  • Modification to air sweepers
  • Use resources without any limitations
  • No cost of purchasing the game

 How you can install it on your devices?

If you truly want dark soul COC download then there are some thing you need to take care of. If you want this on your android phones then you have to follow some instructions to run APK file of this one game.

There is no rocket science in this all you need is to know few installation requirements to make It run perfectly.

A) File size: 85 MB

B) Version: 4.1.0

C) Genre: strategy

D) Compatible with android version 5.0 or above

Clash of souls apk

Clash of souls Apk Installation Process:

  • First you have to download APK version of the game
  • Go to security settings and allow unknown sources to install
  • After that go to downloaded file and click on it
  • The installation will take few minutes
  • Once done successfully
  • Click on the app and start enjoying it

How many servers we are talking about?

You will be happy to know that the game was actually released on 2014 and since then it has offer 4 different private servers each gives you different and special treatment. You can also say that the game truly respects player’s time and give them enough things to play around for longer.

Users won’t need to worry about sever crashing or lost their progress everything is taken care of with this updated version. Here are the 4 main private servers you should know such as,

1) Clash of souls server 1 (soul eater)

2) Clash of souls server 2 (heart of soul)

3) Clash of souls server 3 (velocity of soul)

4) Clash of souls server 4 (the vengeance of soul)

What makes clash of souls so much special compare to previous servers in the game?

You have seen in the main game clash of clans there were no unlimited resources everything was locked and needed to unlock. This can take hours of time and usually most players lose their progression after getting crashed several times.

But now this changes everything thanks to clash of souls APK download that gives you almost everything for free and with private server you can gain access to almost every arsenal you want.

Players can make their own custom building and characters with costumes and build their armies in their own way.

Why you should download it right away?

Clash of souls APK will never bore you no matter how long you tend to play it. This is the best private server you can get with latest APK file which is available for both IOS and Androids.

COC souls are blast that comes with nice extra features to make your overall experience even better. Compete with friends in online battles and prove why you are best among them.

Final word:

There is no better strategy based game that comes close to clash of clans that gives you freedom to do everything inside private server and you can also create anything you wish to build an empire that you can fight with. Download it now and put your strategic skills in right use.

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